How do I create a new Autochart account?

Decide how many accounts you need

If you are a dealership with multiple websites and wish to install Autochart tracking on each site, we recommend creating separate accounts for each website as this allows for more granular analytics and enables you to restrict user access on a per-website level.

Creating your account

In order to create an Autochart account for your dealership (or if you're an agency, on behalf of your client), please email us at and include all the following information:

  • Name of the dealership/motor group
  • Name and email address of the person who will be the administrator for your account (i.e. the person who can manage access to other users within your organisation)
  • URL of the website to be tracked
  • Number of franchise locations served by the website (if multiple franchises/brands are situated at the same location, count these as separate)
  • Email addresses to which return lead notifications should be sent for each franchise location, e.g.
  • Estimated date you hope to go live with Autochart tracking

Next Steps

We will create your account and email you details on how to access your API keys so that your developer team can integrate the tracking into your website.