Allow us to implement Autochart tracking for you

Whilst we do allow dealers or their website providers to implement Autochart tracking themselves (see our dev docs), we typically recommend that we implement it for you in order to get you up and running as quickly as possible and ensure that you have tracking hooks in all the necessary places. This is something we have implemented many times and know all the edge cases to test for on typical dealer websites. It also minimises the burden on your website provider's developers of having to get up to speed on the Autochart API.

If you wish for us to implement it for you, this is the typical process once we've agreed to proceed:

  1. We create your account in Autochart and email your account administrator with login details
  2. We will develop a custom JavaScript "tag" file with all the code required to add the tracking hooks into your website. This tag file is unique to your website and will be deployed to our CDN (i.e. we host it for you on a fast file server).
  3.  We will provide your website provider with a small snippet of code which they should copy and paste into the <head> of all pages in your site. This snippet of code will download the tag file from our CDN and enable all the tracking hooks (this is the same way that Google Analytics script works).
  4. Once snippet is deployed on your website, you will be able to see the leads starting to appear in the Autochart portal
  5. We will observe the data coming through in your first few weeks of live use to make sure that all data is being captured. If we find any bugs or fields which aren't being recorded correctly, we can make the necessary fix to the tag file and deploy an updated version to our CDN. Your website provider does not need to be involved for this process.

An important point to note is that this script does not make any changes to how your website will appear. It works totally in the background sending tracking events to Autochart servers whenever user performs certain actions. Also, it is designed so that it will not interfere with any other tracking utilities which are already deployed on your site (e.g. GA, call tracking, etc).

For our testing, we will need to submit a small number of enquiry forms on your website so we will ask your permission to do this once your tag script has been developed. We will ensure that any enquiries that we do submit are clearly marked as TEST so that sales staff do not think this is a genuine lead.