Will Autochart generate new leads for our dealership?

Autochart is not a lead generation tool, rather it's a lead profiling system which actively helps you understand the leads you're already getting and convert more of them to paying customers.

However, whilst we do not directly generate new leads that other digital marketing channels such as organic search or PPC ads do, we make you aware of active past leads that you previously acquired from these channels via our  return lead notifications feature. Many dealer sales teams operate in a reactive manner, simply responding to new enquiries as they hit their inbox. Our statistics from across scores of customer websites show us that 40-60% of identifiable leads who are active on a website during a week are ones who have not made an enquiry during that period and therefore are no longer on the radar of many sales teams. So a dealer website which averages 50 new lead enquiries per week can expect to be notified by Autochart of around 40-60 returning leads (different people from the new leads) during that same period - potentially over 50% more actionable leads for your team

A further benefit is that this figure will increase over time – the longer Autochart is installed on your website, the more historic visitor data we will have captured and the greater the pool of leads we are tracking for you.

Your marketing team spend a lot of money on driving new traffic to your website and generating leads - Autochart helps you to make sure that these leads are continually tracked and not just forgotten about after their initial enquiry.