Viewing a Lead's Activity History

Profile Overview

At the top of the Lead Details page you can view an "at a glance" summary of the lead. In addition to the standard name and contact information, this overview tells you:

  • Total number of visits
  • First Seen and Last Active dates
  • A rough geo-location region based off their IP address
  • Any budget ranges they specified
  • Their last search criteria used

Activity History List

In the right hand column of the Lead Details page you can view a reverse chronological history of a lead's activity on your website, right back to their first arrival. This list includes all the following pertinent actions which a visitor performed on your website:

  • Arrival - what website they came from and any referral parameters (e.g. "campaign" for PPC ads)
  • Searches - Searches they performed, along with full set of criteria
  • Vehicle Details views - specific vehicles they viewed.
  • Enquiries  - any lead capture enquiry forms which they filled out  (these events are highlighted in orange on the timeline)
  • Visit Intents - any time they performed an action such as viewing map/directions to your store which suggests they're ready to visit

Expanding Events

You can click on each activity item to expand it and view further details on the event. The following screenshots demonstrate expansion of different types of events:

Website Arrival Events

Search Events

Vehicle View Events

Visit Intent Events