How do return lead email notifications work?


Whenever a visitor to your website submits an enquiry via a web form, you will probably receive a "new lead" style email notification directly from your website notifying you of their request. Autochart will record this visitor as a "lead" and will continue to track them on all future visits via a cookie in their browser. Whenever they return to the website, Autochart will immediately send you an email with multiple data points related to their activity history on the website.

The primary benefit of these notifications is that they allow dealer sales staff to time their follow-ups with a previous lead so that they get them when they're "in the zone" and therefore much more likely to respond. The screenshot below gives an example of the information you can expect to see in this email:

What email addresses to use for notifications

We recommend using mailbox-style addresses for notifications (e.g. rather than individual's addresses (e.g. This is because individual staff members are much more likely to change and this adds maintenance overhead for the account administrator.

Configuring Notification Email Addresses

Email addresses can be configured either at an account-wide basis or at a franchise location level. Both options are configured on the Account tab within the Settings page for your account (which is accessible via the Gear icon menu item in the top right of the portal).

Note: If you are an agency user with access to multiple accounts, ensure that you go the Settings page for your client account and not the settings page for your agency account. You should be able to access individual account settings links on the portal home page once you login.

Account-wide Notifications

To have all return lead notifications for an account go to an email address, look at the Notifications section, click the Change link, type the name of the email address and click Save button. This change will take effect immediately when the next return lead visits your website. To stop any account-wide notifications from being sent, just clear the contents of the text box and click Save.

Configuring account-wide notifications

Location-specific Notifications

For accounts with multiple locations, you can configure location-specific email addresses by going to the Locations section, navigating to the location and entering the email address in the box and clicking the Add Email button. To remove existing addresses, just click the red 'X' icon beside the address to be removed.

Note that it's possible for a visitor to have sent separate enquiries to different franchise locations on the same website. In this case, return lead notifications will be sent to all franchise locations which the visitor has interacted with.

Further Help

If you need help with the above steps or do not have admin access to your account to complete them, just email us at and we'll be happy to set it up for you.