How do I create a new user for an existing account?

If you are the administrator for the account, you can now manage user access yourself.

Start off by going to the Account Settings page as follows:

  • Dealers: Open Menu icon in top right corner and select "Settings" item
  • Agency Users: Click on the "Settings" link beside the client account you are managing on the portal home page.

You should notice a "Registered Users" section where all the users linked to this account should be listed. 

To add a new user, click the "Create User" button at the bottom of this list. This will open a popup window where you will be prompted to enter the following information about the new user:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address

Fill out all the fields and click "Create". The new user should now appear on the list of registered users.

An email will be sent to them providing them with instructions on how they can login to the portal.


If you do not have administrative access to your account but believe you should have, or are encountering issues with creating a user, then please email us at